denise albrecht is a hamburg and bielefeld based designer and artist whose practice takes a strongly conceptual approach and focuses on the broad field of visual communication. she is particularly interested in new infrastructures between different disciplines such as digital art, education and experience design. denise works both in freelance solo projects and in close discourse with other creatives and creative studios at the intersection of design, art and culture. recent projects include collaborations with 'kunstverein bielefeld' and 'der digitale raum'.

denise is currently studying digital media and experiment in the master's program at the university of applied sciences bielefeld. she investigates the influence of visualizations of possible future scenarios as a preventive measure against 'future shock' (a. toffler).

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based in
hamburg & bielefeld



critical design
transmedia design

design fiction

communication design
graphic design
experience design

3D technology
narration / storytelling

work experience

graphic artist
UI/UX / graphic design
UI/UX / AR / design fiction
graphic design
UI/UX / graphic design
production / publishing

temporary employee
research assistent / tutor
permanent employee

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advanced training


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volunteering + teaching

research group: vision room

research group:
group psychology and
environmental behavior

archival work
unit assistent
workshop host: futures thinking
technical support

graphic designer / advisor

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