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bielefeld UAS
fashion show

stage visuals, digital signage and AR poster


On 24 and 25 January 2020, as part of the bielefeld UAS fashionshow 2020, fashion students and graduates of the design department had staged their fashion collections in the WissensWerkStadt Bielefeld.

The fashionshow was expanded in terms of media installations by students of the newly introduced study program Digital Media and Experiment. Using methods of experimental animation, augmented reality and interaction design, the students handled photos, videos, textiles and concept texts of the presented collections. In this way, the creative process of fashion design had become visible.

stage visuals, wissenswerkstadt bielefeld / fashion collection: one to many and mighty mighty

concept text


In our digitalised environment, the human need for real experience is threatening to find less and less satisfaction. In retail and wholesale, stationary showrooms are intended to provide a remedy by making brand and product physically tangible. ​​​​​​​


Inspired by the paradox of a digital showroom, a "virtual showroom" was created, in which 8 collections from 2 seminars come together. The focus here is on fashion, integrated in a three-dimensional space. Wireframe-Cubes reflect both the interior of modern fashion showrooms and the virtual networking of all collections. They also create a complexity, which finally leads to a remix of abstract-fragmented backgrounds and a clear fashion presentation.A

social media teaser / AR  poster

ar animation for show promotion

ar poster, wissenswerkstadt bielefeld

Anmerkung 2020-07-24 2039522.png

digital signage at jahnplatz, bielefeld


flyer and booklet

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