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Cupertino 库珀蒂诺

"Red Diamond" is the title of a company that existed from the end of 2007 until 2009 in Cupertino, California. It was founded by a former employee of the "Green Diamond Factory" in Beijing, China, which was closed eight years earlier. Only recently the story of this factory came to public through an archive compiled by Rachele Maistrello and

Li Jian Ping. In this context, the history of the sister company "Red Diamond" also came to light.

红钻是一家美国加州库普蒂诺市公司的名字,它存在于2007 年底到2009 年之 间。它是由北京的一家名为“绿钻工厂”的一名前员工创办的,该厂已关闭8 年。直到最近才通过Rachele Maistrello 和李建平整理的档案资料,将这家工厂 的历史公之于众。与此同时,它的姐妹公司“红钻”的历史也随之浮出水面。

In the 1990s, the "Green Diamond Factory" implanted microchips refined in diamond powder, called "GDsensors", into precise parts of the human body. With its help, human gestures, in combination with virtual contact lenses and ultrasound waves, were able to significantly improve the sensory experience of the natural outside world through the user‘s body. In this way, the user of the "GDsensor" was able to experience sensations such as the heat of the sun on the skin or the pure air on the face, even in factory.

上世纪90 年代,“绿钻工厂”将由钻石粉提炼的,被称为“GDsensors”的微 型芯片, 植入人体的某个精确部位。在它的帮助下,人类的手势,再加上虚拟的 隐形眼镜和超声波,通过使用者的身体,能够极大地改善对外界自然界的感官体 验。这样一来,“GDsensor ”的用户就能体验到诸如阳光照射在皮肤上的热 度,或者是脸上的纯净空气等感觉,即使是在工厂里也能感受到。

With a turning point in the smartphone market in 2007, the sister company "Red Diamond" produced a further development of the old "GDsensors". Similar to the "GDsensor", the functionality of the new "RDsensor" is triggered by gestures of the human body. It is no longer a physical sensor that is implanted into the human body, but a tracking software that was pre-installed on many smartphones in 2008 and 2009 under secrecy.

随着2007 年智能手机市场出现的转折点,它的姐妹公司“红钻”在老牌 “GDsensors ” 的基础上,生产出了名为“RDsensors“的新一代产品。与 “GDsensor “类似,新产品“RDsensor “的功能也是由人体的手势触发。它不 再是植入人体的物理传感器,而是在2008 年和2009 年的时候,在很多智能手机 上预装的保密追踪软件。

The swipe and tap gestures of the user were transferred to the device and the "RDsensor" via the touch screen of the smartphone, which, through an immense and immersive inclusion of information, enabled a new, yet contemporary way of perceiving and feeling. Hectic, noise and power could now be experienced in real time, at any place, by every smartphone user.


用户的轻扫和轻点手势通过智能手机的触摸屏传递到设备和 “RDsensor ”上,通过巨大的、沉浸式的信息处理,实现了一种全新的、但又具有时代感的感知和感受方式。现在,每一个智能手机用户都可以在任何地方实时地体验到嘈杂、噪音和能量。


Only about 14 months later, the use of the "RDsensor" as a component in smartphones had become superfluous. Because we started to develop the first signs of restlessness at rest. As an extension of our biological body, we have accepted the smartphone and the accompanying illusory world as our new reallife. We have learned to perceive the feelings implied by the "RDsensor" as our natural ones and to be always productive and creative and finally: always and everywhere to be accessible. In combination with social networks and a metropolitan lifestyle, all new everyday desire for stress fulfilled. We have learned to take over the "Red Diamond's" job for ourselves. In 2009 the production in the "Red Diamond Company" was stopped until further notice.


仅仅在大约14个月后,“RDsensor ”作为智能手机中的一个组件,就已经变得多余了。因为我们开始出现了一种躁动不安的迹象,即使在休息的时候。作为我们生物体的延伸,我们已经接受了智能手机和随之而来的虚幻世界作为我们新的现实生活。我们已经学会了将 “RDsensor ”所暗示的感受视为我们的本能感受,并学会了始终保持生产性和创造性,直到最后:永远可以抵达到无处不在的地方。 结合社交网络和大都市的生活方式,所有新的日常欲望的压力被满足。我们已经学会了接手“红钻”的工作。2009年,“红钻工厂 ”停产,直至另行通知。

(The user of the "RDsensor" was colloquially called "Smombie", in professional circles they got the Title "Red Diamond".)

(„RDsensor „的用户被戏称为”Smombie“,在专业圈里,他们得到了“红 钻”的称号)。

© denise albrecht, 2020

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